Meanwhile, CGMC is doing not one but two of my songs in their upcoming concert. "Even Gayer at Christmas" (with music by Jake Anthony) opens the show! Come see Naughty or Nice on December 1, 9 and 10



book and lyrics by Larry Todd Johnson

music by Jake Anthony

developed in association with the Academy for New Musical Theatre in North Hollywood, CA

currently in development at Cal State University Northridge under director Kari Hayter

Based on true stories from this century and the last, Now and Then a Hero celebrates ordinary folks who do extraordinarily heroic things. With a blend of story and song, the characters address some engrossing questions about this concept which has has been central to the American culture since the founding of our country. What is a hero? Can it be defined? Has the definition changed over time? And does everyone… no matter how ordinary he or she may appear… have the potential within for heroism?

Demo CD and script/score available.

Contact Larry Todd (Johnson) Cousineau for more details.